Brainswarming offers a unique and patented feature, analogous search

Did you miss our most recent BrainSwarming Webinar? It was a great success! We tackled a critical product problem: “Reducing Concussions in football players”.

The Webinar recapped how Dr. Tony McCaffrey and his team came up with a new innovative solution to the concussion problem in less than 16 hours! And even though someone beat us to the patent office, we proved the power of BrainSwarming to improve the innovation process!

Can BrainSwarming help you with your challenging product problems? We believe yes! BrainSwarming provides your team with a multi-user, real time graphical environment to help visualize your product problem and find hidden assumptions – the first step in identifying innovative solutions! Our patented, computer assisted problem solving technology helps you accelerate that process.

It’s time for you to try using our no-risk FREE TRIAL. Start solving your innovation challenges NOW. We are here to help you solve today’s problem, and discuss the best way to roll out BrainSwarming throughout your organization.

It’s time to start innovating FASTER AND MORE EFFECTIVELY!

  • Searches that restate the problem, in analogous ways
  • Can search multiple permutations of a query, in parallel
  • Advanced filtering algorithms
  • Able to search multiple datasets at a time
  • Shareable, yet secure queries
  • Custom searching available