‘Problem Visualization and Search Engine’ you need to satisfy your Innovation needs!

BrainSwarming Training

BrainSwarming helps you reveal overlooked features of your business problem to find related, adaptable, innovation solutions.
It unites the characteristics of human creativity with automated, data driven problem solving.
  • Training Options
    Executive Overview Seminar Considering implementing BrainSwarming but need to get a general understanding first? This 4-hour onsite seminar is targeted for executives and key stakeholders. We discuss the state of Innovation today and how to jump start your effort by better leveraging the human-machine interaction during problem solving.
    Basic BrainSwarming Training This training covers the basics of using the application and the fundamentals behind the methodology. The class is most suited for professionals and managers responsible for driving innovation within the organization. The training is highly experiential since actual problems facing the organization will become part of the training.
    Advanced BrainSwarming Training As problems become more complex, the team will become ready to learn more complex cognitive techniques that are part of the BrainSwarming environment. Additional techniques that are available include: Functional Fixedness, Performance Metrics Analysis, Goal Fixedness, Whole Solution Bias, Homogeneity, Generic Parts, Analogy Blindness and Assumption Blindness.
    Coaching and Mentoring Mentoring significantly improves the success rate of the implementation by working with your team to implement a structured process for innovation when using BrainSwarming. Mentoring also helps your team tackle more complex innovation challenges as they become more proficient with the methodology.
    Facilitator and Certification Training Facilitator training becomes important as your BrainSwarming rollout across your organization takes hold. We follow a ‘Lean Kaizen Facilitator’ model to train your team members to be successful. And yearly re-certification keeps them abreast of the latest development and research by Dr. McCaffrey to continue to improve your Innovation activity.
  • High Impact Consulting
    High Impact BrainSwarming Do you have a significant problem that needs to be solved quickly to satisfy a business demand? Consider having Dr. McCaffrey become a ‘full time’ member of your team to actively develop a solution path. What’s better than having Tony become an active member of your staff? When you don’t have time to wait!
  • Partnering and Delivery Partner Options
    Delivery Partner Are you a consulting company that wants to add BrainSwarming training to your offering? Call us today. We are actively seeking delivery partners.
    Development Partners We have research opportunities that we are currently exploring. Please call us today to explore joint development opportunities.
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Brainswarming Fundementals & Advanced Training Available