Brainswarming offers a amazing interactive tool

95% of innovative new ideas are based on adaptations of existing solutions. BrainSwarming is our problem visualization and analogous search engine using AI that is applicable to all types of innovation problems. It creates a unique human-machine synergy in which the machine complements human weaknesses – and the humans return the favor. The result is FASTER and MORE EFFECTIVE innovation.

Are you looking to identify obscure, causal relationships, hidden connections and random unforeseen relationships that may hold the key to new innovative solutions? Is your existing search engine just not equipped to handle the job? We understand the problem and have a solution!

Our patented technology is based on Dr. Tony McCaffrey’s research in swarm technology, cognitive psychology, and artificial intelligence. His techniques focus on identifying the atypical, or obscure aspects of the problem - which is innovation’s friend and the cornerstone of this new technology.

Shouldn’t you be using BrainSwarming to search through your research and technical material to find analogous solutions? It’s available now!

  • Structured way of problem solving
  • Allows for the generation of multiple solutions
  • Leverages and dovetails with our patented analogous search engine
  • Multi-user, real time, and interactive
  • Persistent environment allows for disparate teams to work together
  • Contains tools to prevent 'writers block'