Brainswarming can help you solve a problem, or uncover a potential new solution

We are growing and we need your help! Our BrainSwarming application helps our clients solve their challenging innovation problems! We need your help to expand our delivery model to supply application sales, support, and training to improve the effectiveness of the innovation process.

BrainSwarming provides the team with a multi-user, real time graphical environment to visualize the problem at hand – the first step in identifying hidden assumptions and driving innovation. Our patented, computer assisted problem solving technology then helps find hidden assumptions and obscure features of the problem that lead to finding novel innovative solutions.

Are you looking to provide more value-added services to your clients? BrainSwarming can be the vehicle to help your clients innovate faster and more effectively and increase your revenue!

Let’s talk about becoming Certified in BrainSwarming and improving your client’s innovation process!